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Japanese technology - Handmade in Denmark.

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Yamamoto scissors is owned by Ole Larsen in Denmark.

Ole Larsen has been in the business since 2002 and came to Asia to Learn the fine art of Japanese sharpening and the art of making handmade Japanese scissors the first time in 2007. The following years he returned to Asia and lived there for almost 5 years to learn how to make handmade hairdressing scissors and is one of the few westerners who has learned and is trained by Japanese and Korean master smiths in the fine art of making handmade hairdressing scissors.

Today Ole is making the handmade Japanese scissors in Denmark and is the only Japanese taught Scissorsmith in northern europe today.

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Our Motto is Quality, Traditions, Perfection.

Quality: We only use the best quality raw materials for our scissors. All our highend scissors are made in the best cold forged Hitachi steel from Japan. we import our own Blanks from Japan.

Traditions: Our technology is the best from Japan, derived from the best Master scissorsmiths, who invented the Hamaguri. Our scissors are handmade using the old traditions and with respect to the old Japanese traditions.

Perfection: Ole Larsen is applying Danish quality and perfection to the scissors. Each scissor is handmade and goes through more than 200 production stages. The end result is a flawless, perfect product.

Why the name "Yamamoto" scissors? - In Japanese Yama means "Mountain" and Moto means "Base" = or mountain foot.- like in the saying "at the foot of the mountains...". This indicates the strongest place - at the very base of the mountains. We like to think of our scissors like that: strong, consistent and steady like the very core of mountains - the base.

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We do not make Bling-Bling scissors with fancy Titanium colored Zeebra stribes or crazy over-seized dragon handles. Instead we make some of the best scissors in the world. Scissors that are meant to be a tool, - an instrument to do a specific job perfect. Not an eye pleaser. Not a fashion statement. - only perfect handmade scissors.

Neither do we use exaggerated fancy superlatives when describing our scissors. - We use specific correct wording and professional terminology to explain why our scissors are some of the best in the world.



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“I strive for perfection every day and that is why our scissors are some of the very best handmade scissors in the world. I love having learned an old skill that consist of Quality and hundreds of years traditions that I can use on a daily basis to do my best”. - Ole Larsen.

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Steel Composition

in Japan there is something called JIS, - Japanese Industrial Standards. There are mainly 3 steels used for scissors under JIS. Those are: 420, 430 and 440.

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who are we

How I can to bring Yamamoto scissors to the United StatesRead More

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Proof of Origin

We have a big problem within our industry today. In order to understand this better I will explain the system here in Asia among the Manufacturers and the Exporters.Read More

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Our technology

Our technology Our Yamamoto hairdressing scissors are some of the best scissors in the world - "The Ferrari of scissors". Each scissor is handmade and goes through more than 200 production stages. We can proudly say that we are one of the very few who are making true handmade scissors and further more we are proud to be making our scissors in some of the best steels for scissors in the world. Please read about "Cold forging" also in the menu under "Making a forged scissor". Furthermore all our scissors has their own unique serial number printed in each scissor. This ensures you that you can always recognize your scissor. The serial number can also be used if you as a distributor is selling the scissors through a company who is managing payments plans. They normally require the scissors to have serial numbers for individuality. All our scissors have the steel name printed in each scissor. ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★Read More

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